We will build 3 styles of Buildings. The deluxe building aka "The Regency" features cupolas,
wainscotting, boxed-in eaves, 45 degree angles on garage doors and windows with shutters. Next is "The Elite". It features Encased guttering with downspouts, wainscotting, and 45 degree angles on garage doors. For a more economical building with no compromise in structural integrity is "The Spartan" it features wainscotting, and 45 degree angles on garage doors.

img100% of the work that is preformed at your home is by AAA CONSTRUCTION. From the forming to the pouring of the concrete, to the framing of the building, to hanging sheets, and last but not least hanging the garage doors. We sub contract NOTHING! It puts our customers at ease when we say " We do a COMPLETE turn key job."

Our buildings are built with all #1 products:

  • 6x6 treated solid post 5 ft on center
  • Stripped with treated 2x6 lumber from the floor to the ceiling
  • Engineered trusses set 10 ft on center with a 4/12 pitch
  • Twenty 26 gauge baked-on enamel metal
  • 4" slab of concrete with a nice thickened edge
  • 3500 mix with Fibermesh, standard pour
  • 1 garage door (Residential or Roll up) any size
  • 1 pre hung metal walk through door with threshold


  • 25 year warranty on steel siding
  • 35 year warranty on wood framing
  • 5 year warranty on workmanship
  • 1 year warranty on leak detection


1920 S Prospect Ave Oklahoma City Ok 73129
Phone: 405-793-7877
E-mail: AAACONSTRUCTION87@yahoo.com