We customize in all types of concrete work. From a simple sidewalk or patio to a parking lot. We have several stain colors and several stamps to choose from. Call for pricing. All of our concrete is a 3500 mix with Fibermesh.

Fibermesh concrete proves a one-step fiber reinforcement system.  Fibermesh fibers are engineered for concrete in compliance with building codes to provide top-to-bottom, side-to-side uniform micro reinforcement as a superior alternate system to wire mesh.  If you could look into a cube of Fibermesh concrete, this is what you would see: millions of virgin polypropylene Fibermesh fibers uniformly distributed in all directions throughout the concrete mix.  As micro cracks begin to develop due to water loss and shrinkage, the cracks intersect with Fibermesh fibers which block their growth and provide higher tensile strain capacity at this critical time.  So, the cracks won´t develop into macro cracks and problems.  This has been proven in test after test in independent laboratories and verified on jobsites throughout the world. Fibermesh fibers provide concrete micro-reinforcement without affecting mix design and additives, pumpability or placing set times or finishing.

Comparison of secondary reinforcement products

Features Fibermesh Wire Mesh
Reinforces against plastic shrinkage crack formation Yes No
Holds cracks together Yes Yes
Reinforces against impact forces Yes No
Reinforces against shattering Yes No
Reinforces against abrasion Yes No
Reinforces against water migration Yes No
Rustproof and corrosion resistant Yes No
Non-magnetic Yes No
Minimum required concrete cover Yes No
Always positioned in compliance with codes Yes No
Safe and easy to use Yes No


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